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Trail Work

Bill and the gang are well into tiding up the trail at this time of year. The trail gets swept to remove any fallen trees or debris that might make it difficult to negociate.
Each year Bill sorts out parts of the trail that need to be fixed up. This year it was the shelter above Keta View Rock. Here's the photos

Shelter 1
The 'bare bones' of the shelter.

Shelter 2
The old tarp was dried off and is being used as a floor for the shelter.

Shelter 3

The new tarp in place and the shelter completed. Bungies were used to secure the new roof so when it snows in winter the tarp won't rip. To the right can be seen the little pot belly. There is a supply of fire wood for emergencie warmth. Let's hope we won't need that on Klimb day this year.


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