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Why do we do the Kusam Klimb?

Whilst considering topics for the blog this one popped up and we thought is would be a good question for us to answer as the people who put on this event and to also ask our Klimbers.

 The Klimb has been going for just over 10 years now, so part of the reason for doing it is that it has become a bit of a tradition. All profits from the Kusam Klimb are distributed through out our community to help support, for example, the Fire Department, the Heritage Hall (our start/finish and banquet venue), Sayward School swimming lessons, educational bursaries, and many many more. It feels good to support our Community in this way.

The most popular reason amongst the KK Committee as to why we do the Klimb is that we love sharing the experience of the mountain and being outdoors in the Sayward valley.  There is nothing better than to reach a view point, look out and feel like your on top of the world, a very small part of something so much bigger than just us.

We'd love to hear your reasons for Klimbing Kusam. So if you've Klimbed Kusam please leave us a comment telling us why.







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Just received an envelope in the mail with a $50.00 cheque...a prize for 60+ female 1st. Thank you so much. I was delighted to receive this and felt even more delighted the day of the event. I had only done this once before, 3 years prior, when there was a lot of snow. I said...Never again! Found it terrifying! However, I have changed my mind. I was full of the joy of running and being in a gorgeous environment. Thank you for the good work you do and providing a challenge for us all.

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