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Each year in the fall and before the snow comes we start trail maintenance and repairs.  Bill does alot of this using his small atv to carry supplies.  Last fall a new outhouse was built just before CP3 and the bushes that were overhanging the trail down the back of the mountain were cut back.  Earlier this year Bill constructed a more klassy outhouse at CP1.

Unfortunately it doesn't teleport to the top!

By now we are starting to get requests for information about what the trail conditions are.  Well this year the snow is low (ie there's not much snow up there) The KK trail markers were up there last week.  Here they are at Keta view rock - no snow! In fact no snow untill the rock above the lake.  What a view, let's hope we have similar weather for klimb day.

And here's the lake just before CP2.......still a couple of mushy feet of snow here and up to the saddle (CP2). Thoughts are that there will be much less snow on Klimb day, and with the creeks having hardly any water running in them it might be a bit of a dry one this year.  Could our record time be beaten again?


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