May 30 trail work

By noon I was near Keta View Rock. I did some cleaning up and hooked the existing bungees somehow to the tarp. The sign-in book is getting rusty and maybe needs to be replaced. There was an entry from two boys very recently, “…name… age14 and …name…age 15”. So I signed my name “age 67 over twice your sum, ha ha, way to go guys.” I moved on and there was a bit of snow on the trail a little further, where it goes right at the top of the hill. Just past the big sign there was a tree leaning over a rock bluff, and I had to run back to Keta Rock for the saw to take care of that.

Trail Snow

I moved on with the rake until I got to the cool creek in the snow, near the rock above the lake. As you can see, there’s lots of snow yet. About half of the trail around the lake is buried.

Lake View

No ropes are needed at the rock, old ropes are half out of the snow now. I walked around the lake and added a few ribbons, the important place is well marked.

Trail going down

I was going to leave you some things to pack out for me, but then there’s maybe no need for you to go up there now. So I packed out everything. I was exhausted!

H'Kusam Lake

When I got to the road I turned right, and quickly met a fellow walking up, looking for the trail. Yes, he parked in the trail parking lot! It was 3:30