Local Accommodation

Sayward offers a number of accommodation options, including:

Sponsored Accommodations

Victorian Garden Gate Manor Bed and Breakfast
Victorian Garden Gate Manor B&B 

Salmon River Guesthouse
Salmon River Guesthouse

Additional Accommodations

Mt. H’Kusam View Lodge

(250) 282-5547


Roberts Lake Resort

(250) 287-9421


Sponsored Campgrounds

Additional Campgrounds

Sayward Junction Gas & Convenience Store

(250) 282-3232

Campsite is located behind the store


Straights View Café

Straits View Cafe

(250) 282-0118

40 Sayward Road

Kelsey Bay

Village of Sayward Campground

(250) 282-5512


White River Resort, River front camping/RV

(250) 282 0117



Left at Sayward Junction.

Elk Creek Provincial Park

Located just North of Sayward Junction